BACPR Research

Helping to share details of cardiovascular evaluative projects and research

BACPR Research

BACPR is committed to supporting and advancing the research agenda for cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation (CVPR).

Within its 2022-25 Strategic Plan, one of four key work streams has been dedicated to focusing on research, with four clear objectives set.

Over three years, BACPR will:

a. Continue to integrate the work of the BACPR research group within the BHF-CRC

b. Complete the BHF-CRC funded project identifying CVPR research priorities and support development of high-quality proposals aligned with these priorities

c. Support members to access opportunities to increase research capacity and capability

d. Within the cardiovascular community, enhance the CVPR research profile through increasing number of abstract submissions for annual conference and wider dissemination of conference abstracts

Within each page of this research area of the website you can find details of the work being done by BACPR to achieve these objectives.

All queries, please contact: or 020 7380 1919 BACPR, 9 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 5HW