New Researcher Development Fund (NRDF)

New Researcher Development Fund (NRDF)

The BACPR are keen to support practitioners and early career researchers to develop innovative research and service improvement projects. This award is aimed at both clinicians who are new to the research world and wish to undertake a project to develop their service/practice, and individuals who are in the early stages of a research career. The project should show a clear path towards directly benefitting patient care and research.

Programmes of work that lead to the generation of new knowledge within the field of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation are of particular interest. To support high quality work, an annual grant of £2,000 is available. In addition to funding, the best six applications will receive constructive feedback from experts within the field, on how their work may be enhanced, and/or progressed. Three shortlisted ‘finalists’ will each receive free registration for one person to attend the BACPR Annual Conference, where they will ‘pitch’ their project to BACPR delegates. The process of grant preparation and application, project feedback, and oral presentation will provide early career researchers with a valuable and productive experience that will develop their research skills.

Applications are welcomed at any time before the closing date (Monday 31st July 2023, 4pm). After this date all applications are anonymously disseminated for peer review, which will inform the short listing process. All applicants will receive constructive feedback and recommendations from reviewers, and a decision on whether their project has been selected as a ‘finalist’. The three ‘finalists’ will each be invited to display a poster and prepare a 5-min project proposal presentation at the BACPR Annual Conference. Conference delegates will vote on which project should receive the award, and the winner will be announced at the event.

Each application is assessed against the following criteria:

  • The project’s contribution to new knowledge within the field of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation
  • The extent to which the grant will enable the applicant’s personal career development
  • The projected impact of the proposed work and how the grant will enable this
  • Value for money

This award is intended to enable practice and research where the resources, equipment and infrastructure are already in place to support the intended work. Therefore, applications for funds to support time will be considered more favourably. Awards will not be made to support existing projects requiring additional funds (as yet, unsecured) beyond this award to enable its completion. Examples of appropriate project applications include:

  • ‘Buying’ protected time for research
  • Funding for an additional arm of an existing project
  • Applications for analysis of existing data (e.g. blood samples) [applications must clearly demonstrate the impact of doing so]
  • Service improvement
  • Pilot studies to inform larger projects

Demonstrating patient and public involvement in your research design is strongly encouraged. If you are uncertain whether your application is within the scope of the early career researcher, please contact

Applicants must:

  • Be able to demonstrate that they have been working within the field of cardiovascular prevention and/or rehabilitation for at least two years
  • Have been a BACPR member for a minimum of two continuous years prior to submitting their application and be currently subscribed at the point of application
  • Not have held a PhD / MPhil for more than four years (This time-frame may be extended where a researcher has taken extended leave within this period and returned to work, for example carer’s leave)
  • Complete the application form, and a two-page CV, and submit both to by 4pm, Monday 31st July 2023 deadline
  • Submit a full financial summary and supporting documents, as well as contact details for the department/person responsible for managing the grant
  • Allow two full years between applications before reapplying.
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Terms and Conditions

In making an application for a grant, the applicant agrees to abide by each of the terms and conditions contained within this schedule, upon and following any award of a grant. This schedule, together with the requirements set out in the application guidelines and any subsequent grant offer letter, constitute the agreement between BACPR and the recipient.

The BACPR New Researcher Development Fund may be used for:

  • Fees for courses/workshops, etc. (these must be specifically related to development of skills and knowledge appropriate to the proposed work, and ideally should be sought elsewhere)
  • Travel and other expenses, such as accommodation, associated with their client group work or attending training courses, etc. This can be in the UK or overseas.
  • Purchase of equipment/consumables specifically for use in the applied work.

The BACPR New Researcher Development Fund may not be used for:

  • Membership of professional bodies etc.
  • Costs to present any findings at a conference (i.e., for conference travel, accommodation or registration costs)
  • Support for work directly associated with credits for a course / degree for which the applicant is already registered
  • Any purpose other than that stated in the grant offer letter

Project governance remains the responsibility of the project’s host organisation; in issuing the award, BACPR does not assume responsibility for managing the project. The BACPR will not act as a study sponsor.

Award of BACPR funding does not constitute project endorsement.

Grants will not be awarded in the absence of submissions of sufficient merit.

Each of the three shortlisted ‘finalists’ will receive free conference registration to present their proposal and attendance to the gala dinner. Travel costs and accommodation for conference will not be paid by BACPR.

The grant must be paid out in the same financial year in which it is awarded (i.e. by the 31st March following the October conference).

Successful grant applicants are expected to acknowledge fully, in writing, the nature of the BACPR support in any publications, presentations or reports arising from the grant.

Applicants may not submit an abstract on the project (via usual submission process) to the BACPR Annual Conference in the same year as applying for this grant.

Applicants may not receive a travel award in the same financial year as this grant.

Within 18 months of receiving the grant award letter, recipients of a grant shall submit:

  • A full financial report on how the funds were used
  • A report for the BACPR CONNECT magazine and website

Grant recipients are encouraged to present the outcomes of the funded work at the BACPR Annual Conference.


  • Closing date for applications - Monday 31st July 2023, 4pm
  • Feedback form peer review and shortlisting process -  Thursday 31st August 2023
  • Finalists' presentations and final decision on award - BACPR Annual Conference
  • Financial report on use of funds and CONNECT magazine article submitted to BACPR - within 18 months of receiving grant award letter.