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Resources for Cardiac Rehabilitation professionals relating to the COVID-19 pandemic

EPG Guidance and Supplement

The EPG are delighted to be able to share this COVID-19 guidance supplement and updated guidance document. The supplement is intended to help clinicians think about the considerations for returning to face-to-face assessment and groups, as well as those for remote assessment and virtual groups and is therefore written as a 'checklist for best practice'. As with the original guidance document this should be considered a live document that will be updated in coming months.

Guidance - Delivery of the Physical activity and exercise component during the COVID-19 pandemic

Supplement - Considerations for face-to-face and remote delivery of the Exercise component during the COVID-19 pandemic

CR programmes

Resources for cardiac rehab programmes during the COVID-19 outbreak can be found here.

Joint Position Statement

BACPR released a joint position statement with the British Cardiovascular Society and British Heart Foundation in May 2020.

Read the statement