Cardiomyopathy Priority Setting Partnership Survey.

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Have your say in driving and shaping the future of cardiomyopathy research.

Despite ongoing research activity in the UK and other countries, there are still many questions about cardiomyopathy that remain unanswered.

Cardiomyopathy UK has partnered with the James Lind Alliance to identify the top 10 priorities for future research into cardiomyopathy. This will ensure future research focuses on the topics most important to the cardiomyopathy community.

In order to gain widespread input, they need both people affected by cardiomyopathy, and the healthcare professionals that care for them, to identify what  questions researchers should be trying to answer.

Please complete this short  survey

The survey takes about ten minutes to complete and is an important first step towards establishing the top 10 future research priorities.

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