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The British Heart Foundation and the Strategy Unit ( have developed a free online tool that can identify exactly where socio-economic inequalities lie across the coronary heart disease (CHD) treatment pathway. It enables users to generate detailed findings at Integrated Care Board (ICB) level of over 30 different metrics spanning risk factors through to full CHD outcomes.

We expect this tool to contribute to reducing the socio-economic gaps in cardiovascular health outcomes and inform priority areas to focus resource and efforts. We encourage you to access the tool and full report that details the analyses and key findings behind this project, which you can find on the following web page - Exploring socioeconomic inequalities in coronary heart disease - BHF.

To ensure that the full potential of this tool is realised, we will be following up these communications early next year to showcase its features in several ways. We hope to feature it at the first quarterly Integrated Care System CVD lead meeting of the year and offer examples of how it can best be used.

Some of the key findings from the tool are below:

  • premature deaths are more likely amongst patients from the most deprived areas
  • patients from the most deprived areas are more likely to be identified with risk factors
  • patients from the least deprived areas are more likely to receive preventative healthcare like flu vaccines, medications and elective procedures.

Hope you find the tool useful; we would love to hear your feedback.

Claire Dobson
Health and Care Lead
British Heart Foundation
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