BHF Clinical Research Collaborative (BHF-CRC)


Launched in June 2019, the BHF-CRC aims to support the prioritisation, planning and delivery of clinical research in heart and circulatory diseases in the UK.

By providing the infrastructure to enhance collaboration across all of the specialist societies of the British Cardiovascular Society, the BHF-CRC is:

  • enhancing co-ordination of the planning and delivery of research
  • overcoming practical barriers to research development
  • providing a forum for communication between the societies, to engage with a wider cardiovascular community

For more information on the BHF-CRC please click here.

BACPR Involvement

To work as part of the BHF-CRC, BACPR has established a research group (Clinical Study Group [CSG]). The Terms of Reference (ToR) for this group can be accessed here.

The CSG regularly advertises for new group members.  If you are keen to be part of the group, please watch out for these email calls. We are always keen to have representation from across the field of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation, spanning both academia and clinical practice, and extensive research experience is not an essential requirement.

Research Development Fund

The BHF-CRC offers regular funding opportunities to support the development of ideas or to gather pilot data in preparation for a larger clinical study programme.

Examples might include:

  • Assessment of clinical research priorities (including service user reviews)
  • Systematic reviews
  • Grant targeting and preparation
  • Collecting meaningful pilot data
  • Study development – collaborative work to develop a study protocol, optimise a study design and analysis plan

For full details of the fund, please click here.

THE BHF CRC Research Development Fund is now open for applications. As this funding call has a closing date of Monday 15th July 2024, applications for BACPR approval must be submitted to the BACPR research group lead, Dr Sheona McHale by midday Monday 17th June 2024. This should be done by emailing the completed application form pdf to

All applications to the fund must be accompanied by a letter of support from a BHF-CRC CSG.  To date two projects have been successful in attaining a letter of support from BACPR, and have been successful in gaining this funding.  Click on the links below to find details of these projects:

Cowie A:  Cardiac Rehabilitation for People with NOCAD
Birkett, S: A Multi-centred Pilot Study Investigating the Determinates of Progression from Phase III to Phase IV