Applying for BACPR Specialist Exercise Instructor Training

Applying for BACPR Specialist Exercise Instructor Training

Entry Criteria

Exercise qualification

Hold a Level 3 or an equivalent exercise qualification  and preferably although not essential an exercise referral qualification. If you have a related degree  you will need to have had your practical skills assessed either by a separate Level 2 exercise qualification recognised by CIMSPA/REPS  or list the modules within your degree that had assessment in terms of practical exercise programming and prescription e.g. a practical assessment rather than in theory.


Have at least 150 hours of teaching land based exercise to adults in the last two years.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme visits

Students are also asked to contact their local Core ( Phase III) Cardiac Rehabilitation programme prior to the assessment day and organise an in-person visit to conduct a short interview with one of the cardiac rehab team. If an in-person visit is not possible then this interview can be conducted online or via telephone. Details of the interview questions to be covered are shared once you are enrolled on the course.

For contact details of cardiac rehab programmes click on the following link for UK PIII Programme Finder or Southern Ireland IACR .

Submission of Application
  • One copy of your application form
  • Copies of your exercise qualifications which meet the entry requirement

Download application form

Please note revalidation of this qualification is required every 3 years which is done via an online exam

"The course was really worthwhile; fascinating, informative, very well presented, excellent study material. I found the course challenging and that is how it should be. I would thoroughly recommend it."

"The course was very worthwhile. I know a lot now that I didn't know before, and I'm looking forward to putting it into practice."