Revalidation Assessment

Revalidation Assessment

What does ‘Revalidation’ mean?

Revalidation is the process you will  need to undertake in order to remain up to date and to ensure you are continuing to practice safely within BACPR guidelines.

You are required to revalidate every 3 years to keep your qualification.

Your revalidation assessment is due if:

  • It is 3 years since you passed your BACPR Exercise Instructor Assessment
  • It is 3 years since you passed your last revalidation
New Online Revalidation Process

Revalidation involves completing an online assessment.  If you are successful you will be sent a new certificate which will be valid for a further 3 years.

You will be contacted automatically by email to remind you when your revalidation is due Please ensure we always have your up to date email and postal addresses

If you need to contact us with updated details or queries regarding revalidation please do this via email

Am I eligible for CPD credits if I revalidate?

You will be entitled to 6 CPD credits from CIMSPA for revalidation of this qualification.